Expedited Worldwide Solutions, LLC: Welcome to The Next Generation of Great Logistic Services

The management team at Expedited Worldwide Solutions has over 20 years experience helping clients with their mission-critical shipping challenges; transporting their urgent packages swiftly and efficiently locally, domestic, and worldwide. Expedited Worldwide Solutions specializes in finding a solution for each client’s individual needs, no matter the size, shape, or destination. Expedited Worldwide can do it all- Ground, Air, Ocean, and Rail. We will find a solution for your shipping needs. Our goal is to deliver perfectly executed logistics on every transaction.

Expedited Must Equal Expensive?

Expedited is in our name and our makeup, but it does not equal expensive. Most of our customers will see a 20 to 25% savings using Expedited Worldwide Solutions versus the big box carriers. We provide the same services as the big box carriers, without the run around. Your biggest savings using Expedited Worldwide will be on shipments with a total weight of over 75 pounds. We charge per shipment, not per piece. This means if you have 5 packages at 20 pounds a piece going to the same location, Expedited Worldwide will send you one invoice for 100 pounds.